Supporting Beagle Welfare

Supporting Beagle Welfare

Beagles are amazing animals that have been bred over centuries for their hunting instincts and friendly personalities. Despite their many charms, beagles can face a range of challenges as pets, such as health problems, abandonment, and overbreeding. That's why Beagle Welfare is such an important charity to support.

Beagle Welfare is a UK-based organization that is dedicated to the rescue, care, and rehoming of beagles in need. Their mission is to provide support for beagles that have been abandoned, neglected, or surrendered due to no fault of their own. This organization is run by volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that beagles receive the care and love they deserve.

One way that Beagle Welfare raises funds for their work is through partnerships with companies like Shadow and Shines. We will donate 20% of sales from their Beagle Paws product line to Beagle Welfare, providing critical financing that helps support the organization's lifesaving work.

By purchasing the Beagle paws wax melts, you'll also be helping to improve the lives of beagles in need. Your support will allow Beagle Welfare to continue providing the vital services that beagles rely on, such as vet care, foster homes, and adoption services.

In conclusion, supporting Beagle Welfare enables them to help beagles live the happy and healthy lives they deserve. By purchasing the Beagle Paws wax melts, you'll be doing your part to support this wonderful organization and help them make a positive difference for our furry friends.

Beagle Paws come in a pack of 5 wax melts scented in Pet Odour Eliminator.

You can purchase these from the link below and thank you for supporting Beagle Welfare.


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